How Often Should Kids Go to the Dentist? (Complete Schedule Rundown)

A dentist educating a child about how often kids should go to the dentist.

Going to the dentist is rarely a thing children look forward to, and in a world where you’re constantly having to schedule something or run tons of errands, it can feel like going to the dentist for regular visits is a bit much to take on.   However, it’s not as frequent as you might […]

The Importance of Early Childhood Dental Visits: Quick Overview

A child learning about the importance of early dental visits.

Early childhood dental visits are some of the most neglected dental visits in a child’s life. We understand the logic behind it.   Parents think that their child is only going to have that first set of teeth until they’re about 10, all of them will fall out, and they’ll get a fresh start with […]

Sports Dentistry: Protecting Young Athletes’ Teeth

Pediatric dentistry for athletes.

As health-oriented professionals, dentists completely approve of childhood sports. They’re amazing activities for encouraging life-long healthy habits, building good social skills, and overall, living a higher quality life far beyond childhood. However, as teeth experts, we also know how many young children come into our offices suffering serious dental injuries because of their athletic endeavors.  […]

Best Chewing Gum for Your Kids’ Teeth

A child making balloons with the best chewing gum for teeth

Typically, you’d think that a dentist wouldn’t want your child chewing gum. After all, gum tends to be a chewy substance filled with sugar, and it has a bad reputation for being bad for your teeth.  However, it actually comes down to what type of gum you’re allowing your child to chew, and if you […]

Understanding Pediatric TMJ Issues

What to do for TMJ in kids

When parents think of pediatric dental issues their kids might suffer from, the basics tend to come to mind. Cavities, gingivitis, and similar things occupy their thoughts. That’s probably the case with you, too. After all, those are the issues that are mostly talked about.  However, there are other issues that can pop up that […]

Top 10 Healthy Holiday Treats that Protect Teeth

Healthy Holiday treats kids

With the Holiday season in full swing, it’s time to kickstart the family traditions we all know and love. One of those is the yummy treats that get kids excited and build toward the big day.    However, like most once-a-year traditions, the Holiday-themed treats we’re all used to aren’t exactly healthy. Not just for […]

The Importance of Xylitol in Preventing Cavities in Children

Preventing cavities with Xylitol

There are two main focuses when it comes to childhood dental care. First, there’s the idea that you’ll build good habits that last a lifetime.   After all, your child is a little sponge right now, and they’ll soak up any information you give them. That molds a lot of their lifelong behaviors. So, if […]

Identifying and Preventing Gingivitis in Children

Gingivitis in children

One of the most common dental issues people face, whether they’re children or adults, is gingivitis.  With children, this can be a particularly difficult problem to deal with. The average child isn’t going to tell their parent they have gingivitis, and they likely won’t even notice a problem.    As a parent, it’s up to […]

How to Manage a Child’s Dental Emergency

Child with a dental emergency

Almost everyone will experience a dental emergency of some sort within their lifetime. There are simply too many things that can go wrong to get lucky for 80 years straight.    For most dental emergencies in adults, the solution is fairly simple. If it’s not something that requires serious medical help, you can simply use […]